Specialized Assessment for Motor Vehicle Accidents

JVS Toronto Vocational and Psycho-Vocational Assessment Services provide professional accredited services to help you and your client recover damages for injuries and losses sustained in motor vehicle or other accidents.


  • Establish if an occupational disability exists
  • Receive standardized test results and a professional file review that provides:
    • Current employment potential compared to previously held employment and related income loss
    • Determination of areas of strength and barriers to success
    • Broad assessment of client’s post-MVA performance in areas impacting on occupational success, including cognitive, academic, vocational and mental health functioning
  • Receive a cost determination for educational and training steps as part of a go-forward plan for the injured party


Head Office
74 Tycos Drive
Toronto, Ontario
M6B 1V9


Booked on appointment


T/ 416-661-3010, ext. 316
E/ voceval@jvstoronto.org

Every year, JVS Toronto helps thousands of clients find jobs. Whether you are new to the work force, or are facing unemployment for the first time in your life, we can help you.

Did you know that simply 10 years after JVS was founded, our clients were evenly divided between native-born Canadians and newcomers? Today, we help thousands of individuals of all backgrounds integrate in the Canadian job market following our unique pre-employment training.

Last year, 645 people with disabilities developed the skills needed to find gainful employment with the help of our Disability Services. Over 60% of these individuals are now involved in meaningful work activity.

This marks the 10th consecutive year since YouthReach was developed and it continues to help troubled youth to reach their potential and get out of trouble with the law.

Our partnership with JF&CS started 15 years ago and has become stronger than ever, helping to serve thousands of families and individuals on social assistance to find and keep long-term employment.

Just last year, over 2700 unemployed individuals received job-search assistance at our Employment Source locations; more than 70% of those who completed the service found employment.

This past year, over 600 adults, teens and children received assessments from JVS Toronto’s Psychological Services to help them plan their education and careers.

In 1951, companies like Tip Top Tailors and Columbia Pictures hired clients referred to them by JVS. Many have followed in their footsteps and we have served numerous companies to achieve their hiring goals.

More than 800 volunteers donated their talent and a total of 34,859 hours at various JVS Toronto locations in 2011.

In 1965, JVS Toronto became the first non-educational institution to receive a research grant from the Federal Department of Labour.

On June 28th, 1957 an editorial was written about JVS Toronto called, “The Human Element in Job Placement,” praising the work it had done in those first 10 years, including “aiding more than 15,000 people through vocational guidance, job placement and rehabilitation services.”

Since opening our doors in 1947, we have successfully helped more than a quarter of a million new Canadians adapt to life in their new homeland.

Did you know that among the 20,000+ clients that JVS helps annually, 18,000 of them are job seekers?

In just 1 year, over 3000 at-risk youth gained access to employment and connected with many opportunities with the help of our Youth Services.

Did you know that in 1950, JVS Toronto was made up of 5 workers? Today, our Toronto team encompasses over 220 staff members!

Last year, we helped an estimated 20,000 clients, almost 10,000 of them new to JVS. With your help, we can keep helping those in need!